This is a short course to understand the basics of the profession - Slinger

Slinger is the worker who performs cargo slinging during operation of lifting machines. The term "slinging" refers to the following operations:

•        Rail, hook or securing loads using lifting devices;

•        Hanging cargo on the hook of hoisting machines;

•        Installation of cargo on a horizontal surface;

•        Cutaway of the cargo.


Trained slinger with a certificate should know:

•        The established order of signal exchange between the slinger and crane operator on the enterprise;

•        Manufacturing instructions for slingers for safe work with hoisting machines

•        The purpose and design features of removable lifting devices, ropes and containers;

•        Schemes of slinging or tilting of the cargo.

•        Methods of visual determining of the weight of goods

•        The procedure for inspection and grading standards of removable lifting devices, ropes and containers;

•        Lifting capacity of slings;

•        The limit of slings’ length and diameter;

•        Technological roadmaps of loading and unloading operations;

•        The order and size of cargo storage;

•        The purpose and the procedure for the application of slings, chains, ropes and other removable lifting devices;

•        Safety measures and work conditions of cranes in the enterprise;

•        Specifications of lifting machines served by slingers

•        The main safety requirements when using lifting equipment near power lines;

•        Methods of rendering first aid for the victims at the workplace;

•        Means of individual and collective protection and the order of their application.


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