This short course is intended for everyone handling loads. However, it is most appropriate and recommended for new port workers who have experience as a slinger. Also good for refreshing existing knowledge.

• Dockers can be trained as signallers after completing additional training and receiving signaller’s certificate.

• The signaller's main duty is to coordinate the work (loading and unloading) of various types of trucks (collectively - “cranes”).

• All personnel operating the cranes as well as the personnel working in the vicinity of the cranes’ zone of operation must strictly follow all signaller’s commands and instructions.

• The signaller is subordinated to the foreman and the head of operations.

• When performing the duties, the signaller has to wear distinctive high-visibility orange reflective personal safety vest and carry the certificate of the signaller.

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

• Establish the weight and dimensions of loads and communicate this information to the crane operator;

• Initiate and direct the safe movement of the crane and load;

• Use clear and unambiguous signals to direct the actions of a crane moving loads of various weights and dimensions;

• Determine the serviceability of lifting accessories, maintain and store them;

• Identify workplace hazards during the operation; and

• Ensure the safety of the operators and any other workers or site visitors that could be at risk.


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